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D.H. Goodall is the consummate professional. In addition to staying on top of the latest technology and marketing trends, D.H. has the ability to effortlessly engage with people at all levels within the organization. His ability to put together well-thought-through, high-level strategies as well as detailed project plans helps to ensure that the programs he is responsible for running are often completed both ahead of schedule as well as under cost.

Steven Miranda
Former Deputy Director, Management Division, U.S. Federal Reserve Board of Governors

What I appreciate about D.H. is his contribution to any effort and his understanding of group dynamics in being part of a project team or a committee. His ability to add to the discussion and drive solutions forward is appreciated by all. He’s respectful in his approach and in offering various perspectives and options. When you have a team of people that contribute in this way, it’s amazing what you can accomplish!

Diane Sempler
Former Assistant Director, Academic Technologies, Cornell University

D.H. Goodall has been wonderful to work with. His expertise in marketing and data-driven solutions has increased enrollment in my programs by well over 100%. The marketing and advertising is more professional than ever and others in the school have taken notice. D.H. is highly recommended.

Arthur Wheaton
Director of Western N.Y. Labor and Environmental Programs, ILR School, Cornell University

I had the pleasure of working with D.H. over the past year to overhaul email marketing for open-enrollment workshops. D.H. approaches challenges with initiative, creativity and an openness to new ideas. He brings a wealth of knowledge on data-driven marketing strategy and online learning, and stays abreast of emerging technologies and best practices. D.H. excels at establishing collaborative relationships and working in teams – and has the rare ability to explain complex ideas and concepts with clarity and simplicity. I look forward to continuing to work closely with him on future projects.

Prerna Sampat
Former Communications & Website Manager, The Worker Institute, ILR School, Cornell University

I recently worked with D.H. Goodall on a collaborative, cross-functional project. We were asked to analyze financial, registration, and customer relationship data and present our findings and recommendations to leadership for strategic decision-making. The project progressed smoothly, and our presentation was a complete success largely due to D.H.’s excellent strategic planning and team management skills. I learned a lot during the project working with D.H., and I look forward to working with him on future endeavors.

Renee Cook
Outreach Budget Manager and Manager of Accounts Receivable, ILR School, Cornell University

D.H. Goodall is a breath of fresh air to work with. I worked with D.H. on a business analytics project and his professionalism, attention to detail, and energy made the challenges a pleasure to overcome.

Alexandria Lee-Laguerre
Former Project Coordinator, Human Capital Development, ILR School, Cornell University

D.H. is an excellent partner and collaborator. Well-prepared for meetings, he brings a thoughtful, creative, and comprehensive awareness to all discussions. His cross-functional knowledge in marketing, data analysis, project management, technology, and strategy makes him a rare individual and one that I am proud to call a colleague and friend.

Nancy Weislogel
Former Executive Director, Online Learning and Collaborative Programs, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

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